Best PDF Converter

There are various types of PDF converters software that can convert PDF’s to other file formats. Alternatively, there are online services that make conversion possible. However, one may not always be in a position to access the internet making them unreliable. This only leaves one with the option of downloading a PDF converter that is efficient and available at all times.

Of course, the market is flooded with different software that it makes it difficult for one to make a choice of what is good and what is not good for them. The selection of a PDF converter depends on the features that one may want to have. For instance, some tools offer bulk PDF conversion while others do not. Therefore, you may need to assess your needs before settling on the best PDF converter (<<<<<<FULL VERSION + FULL LICENSE INSIDE).

For instance, the needs of a student are different from those of a business. Hence, a business may need a powerful PDF converter than a student.  This review will help you select the best PDF conversion tool by giving you the best options there are in the market and by highlighting their major features to enable you to have an easy time while choosing.

TalkHelper PDF converter (Download Link)

TalkHelper PDF Converter

Talkhelper PDF converter is probably one of the best tools for office and personal use. This is because it provides a wide variety of formats that PDF files can be converted to. Some of the formats that you can convert PDF files include HTML, DOC, PNG, DOCX, and JPG. In addition, the tool enables one to convert bulk files within a short period of time.

You don’t have to waste time converting single files as you can opt to convert all your PDF files at the same time which is time-saving. Talkhelper PDF converter for Windows has cool security features that are not found in other tools. For instance, you can track the opening of your documents and limit the number of people who can access them.

You can also grant access to those that you may want to view the documents and you can still revoke the access limiting the people who can view the documents. The PDF converter enables the user to redact parts of a document that they may not want others to access. The license is relatively cheap as one can get the pro version at $29.95.

Additional Features of Talkhelper PDF Converter

  • Readily available customer support
  • Friendly and easy to use user interface
  • Offers encryption services
  • Security features such as the ability to sign on a document


 Icecream PDF Converter (Download Link)

Icecream PDF converter

Just as the name suggests, Icrecream PDF converter is an easy to use tool that can convert PDF files to other formats and vice versa. File formats that PDFs can be converted to include PNG, WMF, BMP, JPG, TIFF GIF, DOC ODT, RTF, HTML, and EPS. There are various options that one gets during the conversion process such as extracting the page ranges to convert, or merging different files into a single PDF.

You can convert a single file or multiple files at the same time. However, you may need to be patient during the batch conversion process as it may take more time. In addition, the PDF converter software is suitable for personal use as it is not yet a powerful tool for office purposes. It, however, has a friendly interface that makes it easy to use. Finally, once you download the PDF converter, you get free usage until you are ready to upgrade to the pro version.

Additional features of Icecream PDF converter

  • Converts password protected PDF files
  • Allows the user to set their own passwords after conversion
  • Easy to use


Nitro Pro PDF converter (Download Link)

 Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro PDF converter has been created to serve different business sizes due to its excellent features. For a start, it can be termed as one of the best PDF converters that one can come across. The interface is quite simple as it takes a similar pattern as that of Microsoft Office. The PDF converter can be integrated with MS Office allowing the user to convert files such as documents, spreadsheets, and excel to PDF.

In addition, Nitro Pro PDF converter comes in twelve languages which give it diversity. PDF conversion is pretty simple as it only takes a few clicks while batch PDF conversion takes a few seconds. There are a variety of security options that you get with the PDF converter such as the ability to redact or remove sensitive data. In addition, you can also add passwords to specific documents limiting their access. Finally, it is an affordable PDF converter that goes for $199.

Additional features of Nitro Pro PDF converter

  • Adds a PDF printer to the Windows printers to create PDF files from any application
  • Automatically creates bookmarks
  • Can edit a whole paragraph of a text easily


Foxit PhantomPDF Standard (Download Link)

Foxit PHantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF standard is a convenient tool for converting PDF files to other formats. In addition, one is able to play around with their PDF files by editing, redacting some parts and adding security features on the document. The PDF converter has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use.

It offers several file formats that PDF file can be converted to making it efficient. The user gets a great output in the converted documents. Apart from converting PDF files, one can create them into other forms without limitations. The tool is ideal for personal or office use as it can handle numerous files at the same time. Therefore, one can download the PDF converter as it also supports multiple languages making it ideal for large group usage.

Additional features of FoxitPhantom PDF standard

  • Word count function on PDFs
  • Integrates One Drive and Google Drive
  • Video tutorials available for new users
  • The user gets a 30 day period of free trial

DeskPDF Studio XE (Download Link)

DeskPDf Studio XE

DeskPDF Studio XE PDF converter is one of the best PDF conversion tools around. The tool is designed to create, edit and share PDF files.  There are a number of file formats that can be supported by the tool such as Excel, Microsoft Word, JPEG, HTML among others. It seems complex but is easy to use as it has similar features as Adobe Acrobat Reader which most people are familiar with.

Once you download the PDF converter, you get top features such as the ability to encrypt files which makes security a guarantee. The PDF converter allows for batch conversion which is fast and time-saving. The user can resize a file to the required dimension which makes the tool outstanding. The interface that you get is quite complex that you may have to play around with it to determine where to get specific features. Once you learn how to use it, then converting PDF files to other file formats and vice versa will be easy. In a nutshell, the tool enables one to generate new PDFs, edit already existing ones and convert between PDF and other file formats.

Additional features for DeskPDF Studio XE

  • A wide variety of document assemblage such as merging, rearranging, extraction etc.
  • Annotation tool has freehand drawing tools
  • Security settings include password  protection, and permanently erase of documents

Wondershare PDF Converter (Download Link)

Wondershare PDF converter

Wondershare PDF Converter is able to convert PDFs to numerous formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and many more. Some other features that you get with the converter include its ability to Edit PDF texts or images just like you would do on a Word file. The process is simple as you click and start typing on the part that you would want to edit.

This is a unique feature which is not common in most converters. The tool allows you to extract or cut some parts of the PDF to create a new document that is different from the original file. Sometimes sending a PDF file is difficult as larger sized files take longer to send to other users, however, Wondershare PDF converter allows users to compress files to smaller sizes without affecting the quality of the document. In addition, one can convert protected PDF files to other file formats allowing them to access the information on the files.

Additional Features of Wondershare PDF converter

  • Bulk PDF files conversion (Over 500 files at the same time)
  • Redaction feature
  • Merge and split ability
  • Annotation ability

PDFMate PDF Converter (Download Link)

 PDFMate PDF Converter

PDFMate Free PDF converter is unique as it has the ability to output eBooks, and EBUP from their original files. Other supported file formats include Text, HTML, JPG, SWF among others. Just like what you get with some of the best PDF converters, PDFMate can convert numerous files with ease. In addition, the user can organize multiple column PDFs into logical content that is easy to read and follow.

You have the option of converting the whole PDF to another file format or select portions of the PDF that you want to convert. First timers who want to convert PDFs to other formats may choose the PDFMate PDF Converter as it is quite simple to use. The best part is that it is free of charge and you can start using it after downloading the PDF converter.

Additional features of PDFMate PDF Converter

  • Converts scanned PDFs to editable files
  • Multi-language supported
  • Customized output for sizes, direction, and edges.

WPS PDF Converter (Download Link)

WPS PDF Converter

The WPS PDF converter is a free software that one easily downloads from the internet. Just like most free PDF converters, it has limited features as it can only convert PDFs to DOC or DOCX files. However, it is an effective tool for personal use and converting smaller documents. Some of the best features that you get are that the converted documents is that they retain their original features such as formatting and images.

In addition, WPS can split and merge PDFs making it one of the best free PDF converter software. The PDF converter is available for Android phones making it stand out as one can convert document using their phones. The free version has limitations as one can only convert five pages. To convert more pages, one may need to purchase the pro version for $29.95.

Additional features for WPS PDF converter

  • Fast conversion on Android phones and Windows PCs
  • Batch processing ability
  • Accurate conversion ability
  • Easy to use

Free Online OCR (Download Link)

Free Online OCR

The free online OCR is among online PDF converters that you can access online. It is quite different as you don’t need to download a PDF converter software. To begin with, you don’t get numerous advertisements that at times get annoying, instead, you get to jump into the business of converting your PDF file to a format of your choice.

The PDF converter makes use of optical character recognition and supports 46 languages which is way above what most PDF converters support. PDF files can be converted to Word, Excel, RTF document and Text plain. One of the best features that you get is that the converted documents retain their original formats. This makes it an ideal tool as one does not spend much time in aligning their texts to ensure that they are organized and readable. The good news is that it free and accessible to interested individuals.

Additional features of Free Online OCR

  • Registration allows users to have batch conversions
  • Allows files of up to 200MB for input.
  • High image quality after conversion

UniPDF Converter (Download Link)

UniPDF Converter

UniPDF Converter is a desktop application that allows the user to convert PDF files to other file formats. It supports most of the major languages in the world providing a large user base. Some of the output formats supported by the PDF converter include GIF, HTML, JPG, TXT, TIF, BMP, DOC, HTML, TGA and PCX. Some of the top features that you get include the drag and drop function as well as the batch conversion ability which saves time. In addition, the interface is quite easy to use and navigate making PDF conversion easy for starters.

What makes it one of the best PDF converters include the fact that even after conversion, the outline retained resembles the original document. However, you may have to make a few edits in the event that some features are lost during the conversion. The downside with UniPDF Converter is that it is limited to three pages during the trial period and you may need to upgrade to the paid version to get the best out of the PDF converter.

Additional features of UniPDF Converter

  • Accurate preservation of images
  • Fast in uploading documents


There you have it, if you have been looking forward to downloading a PDF converter software, you can settle for one of the above tools. You only need to know that each PDF converter is different and you may need to select the one that works best with you.