Record Skype Calls

Whether for business or personal reasons, there will come a time when you need a call recorder for skype. At this point, the two questions will pop up. First, what effective Skype recorder for Windows to use and secondly how to record skype call with it. Quite a number of people count on Skype much more than they do any other chat/call application to do a lot of things. The reason for this is partially because of its efficiency and effectiveness. The other reason being that there are many add-ons to help facilitate that recording.

With the rise in the use of Skype, there has been an equal increase in the need for skype call recording apps. Among all the available add-ons, I recommend TalkHelper as a viable and efficient add-on for Skype call recording. It is easy to use and offers many auxiliary features that make your skype recordings smooth and sleek.

The various call recording apps make life a whole lot easier when you need to keep tabs on your conversations. Whether it is a conference call conversation or for a journalist who needs to record a call interview, you will need a call recorder at a point.

Much more than the general feature of just call recording, there are a number of features that makes one skype call recorder preferable to another. This is where the line is drawn between merely recording a skype call and having an app whose functionality and features suit your conversation needs. That is where TalkHelper fits in.

Among the few sophisticated skype call and video recorder that are available today, one can count on TalkHelper to deliver optimal results. Having highlighted why this add-on is a preferred choice of call recording software, allow me to walk you through how to download and use it for recording your Skype calls and chats on Windows operating systems.

Steps To Download and Use TalkHelper

  1. Download

download talkhelper

To download this skype call recorder, a simple search for TalkHelper recorder for skype using a search engine will reveal the relevant sites where you can get the download. To download, just click on any of the related links that appear and follow through to the home page.

You may find the link to the TalkHelper home or download page or a link to an affiliate download site. Once there, just click on the download button and the application will be downloaded to your system. Bear in mind that this is a free-to-download but pay-to-use application.

  1. Install

install TalkHelper

Once the file has been downloaded to your Windows computer, locate the file and open it. Double-click on the icon to begin the installation. After installation, you are ready to use the add-on


  1. Launching

The next step after installation is to launch the app. To do these, you can either double-click on the TalkHelper icon on your desktop or right-click and “Run As Administrator.” This action will show a prompt asking you to allow TalkHelper to use Skype.

Just click the “Allow Access” and you are ready to go.

skype access

  1. Testing

make a test call

After launching, you can run a test to see how the add-on works. Simply place a call to a friend or use the skype bot echo123. Then click on the “Record” button.

After recording, you can playback your recording, pause it or file it in your designation folder as you wish. The sleek efficiency and easy-to-use features of this add-on make it a preferred choice of call/video recorder for skype.


  1. Recording

By default, TalkHelper is designed to automatically record your skype calls when you initiate or receive a call. This is intended for ease of use for you as a user. You will see the “Start Recording” automatically change to “Stop Recording.”

record a Skype call

However, you can choose to start, pause or stop recording at any point by just clicking the appropriate buttons displayed on the dashboard.

To play and listen to your recording, just use favourite video/audio player on your computer to play the recorded file.


  1. Monitoring

Using TalkHelper makes it a lot easier for you to monitor your conversation and take note of some information. While on an active call, you see a dialogue box that displays vital information about the call. This includes the name of your caller, time and date of call, call duration and memo in case you have a little note you want to attach to the recording.

As you can see, the add-on is very easy to use and also have all the features and benefits that can make your skype call recordings very cool.

Take a moment now to download TalkHelper and start to enjoy the many benefits of an effective and efficient skype call recorder for windows.


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