The 10 Best PDF to Word Converter (Paid & Free)

PDF to Word Converting tools have become of more interest than any other tool that handles Portable Document Formats.Reasons are those that we all often experience, which are for example the need of editing our documents, changing their format, merging and splitting documents amongst other needs like the fear of our documents being unprotected and need a secure place to archive them.

Yes, having your eye for a single PDF to Word Converter from such a flooded market may be a hustle and that’s why I decided to break it down for you. You cannot be worrying on your PDF documents and yet afford to get yourself worried on the best PDF converting software that is capable of converting scanned PDF files to word doc files.

PDFMate Converter


When you look closely in the website, there are very few converters that can be compared to the PDFMate PDF to Word Converter. And for the few that can compare themselves to it, offer the same features at very pocket unfriendly prices. The only thumbs down I can attest to this is converting program is its general overview.

However, that is covered up for by a one of a kind feature that I have not seen in any other converter. Its ability to convert one PDF to another form of PDF. What would be more interesting than a converting tool that offers premium services at a very low cost plus a bonus of some listed features below?

  • It allows specification of pages where user can add a file as a single or a batch.
  • Features an Output Format Zone that allows the user to choose the style in which he or she wants their PDF document to be formatted and covers converting into Word text formats.
  • Features a status bar that indicates the progress of your conversion process which indicate it as a success on completion.
  • Scans documents once the user enables Optical Character Recognition commonly known as the OCR where once scanned user starts conversion process by hitting the Advanced Setting button.

Foxit Phantom PDF Converter


The Foxit Phantom PDF to Word converting software at a personal and honest level is the best offline application that is ideal for personal use at home or anywhere regardless of geographic or business usage. It features only the best services to work with that no offline converters matches what it offers.

For you to believe that I am giving credits where due, just go and try it out. From the customer reviews there has been a lot of message of gratitude on how it has been satisfying their needs. Just to have a taste what to expect from the Foxit Phantom PDF Converter, here are some of its features.

  • Supports over 40 international languages making it ideal for use in most countries.
  • User can save documents in their own preferred destination once upon completion.
  • Offers cloud services that are perfect for team working with colleagues and peers from different locale.
  • Tracking of your PDF files is even easier by the help of PDF Management Aids that tracks when the document was last opened.
  • With such kind of converter a user can easily cut, delete or even rotate texts in the document being worked on.
  • Easily converts PDF files into Word plus other file formats in a very easy step converting process.

Desktop PDF Studio XE Converter


When I first ran a test on the iconic Desktop PDF Studio XE Converter which happens to be the best in the game of converting PDF to Word documents, I counterchecked to confirm that I was not running the Microsoft Office Word program.

This is because they resemble in all aspects. If you have ever been on a Windows PC and ran the Word program you will definitely agree that it has a very straightforward user interface.

The same applies to the Desktop PDF Studio XE PDF to Word converting software. If you have been having a hard time operating your program then this is the perfect one for you as adaption is very fast.

  • In its set of tools it has been well equipped to handle PDFs from rearranging of files and creating new ones by compiling different PDFs into an individual Word document.
  • Adding of files for conversion here is even faster through the adding and dropping technique which is quite easy saving you a lot of time.
  • One can create PDFs from other documents by printing them out with the help of Standard Window Print Dialogue.
  • When setting output details it is even more convenient as the user can select the quality of output he or she desires.
  • Features a single dialogue box that combines all conversions into one output.

Wondershare PDF Converter


Just as the name of this converting software suggests, this is a wonder PDF to Word converting tool that has a shorter learning curve as anyone can use it with ease without any technical assistance.

So that it may not sound as if I am not giving credit where it does not due, I would suggest for you to go and experience it first-hand. The customer reviews ratings and statistics undertaken are for that it deserves being titled the greatest PDF to Word Converter. Here are some of the features that you ought to be expecting from the Wondershare PDF Converter.

  • Not only can a user edit PDF files, Word or other supported formats but also images.
  • Features free hand drawing tools that allow users to add shapes as well as highlight texts.
  • The output is fully compatible and can be read from any device.
  • To make files easy for them to be uploaded user can compress them and it should be noted that compressing does not change the quality of work.
  • When dealing with heavy tasks, user can user hyperlinks or bookmarks to save on time.
  • It also allows merging of different file formats into a single Word document or split Pdfs into different Word documents.

Free Online OCR


The Free Online OCR is purposefully designed to extract images from images in a very easy process that saves you the task of retyping. The market has a number of online converting tools, over ten to be precise but that one feature that has made me review the Free Online OCR PDF Converter is that it does not ask for registration details and it is free to use unless in need of premium services.

Here are the features that you miss when you are on other converters other than the best PDF to Word online converter.

  • Conversion here is very fast, as it takes a record 10 seconds to have your work converted into Word format and still guarantees of more than ninety five percent accuracy.
  • Features the Auto function that allows user to extract texts from an image when the image worked upon is still in Edit Mode.
  • Also the Page Range functions helps to adjust the image fields so that texts can be easily recognised with ease.
  • The batching feature helps in merging of extracted documents into a single file.
  • Once conversion process is finished since it is an online tool, user does not have to have an email account as a link is provided from which he or she downloads the high quality output

TalkHelper PDF Converter

talkhelper pdf converter

Arguments on whether the TalkHelper PDF Converter is the best converting software came to an end with a colleague when we ran a test on it and for sure he agreed that he had never experienced a lively and a converter with a very intuitive user Interface such as the TalkHelper PDF Converter.

Not only that but it also has very interesting features that are only featured by this highly profiled converter. The process of converting is also easier as with the touch of a few buttons, the process is done yielding quality output.

  • It is a hi-tech converter that makes conversion very efficient and indeed less stressful
  • Comes with a manager and editor that are fully scaled.
  • It has a stand by customer assistance feature that helps to cater for any problems that may come up
  • It has been defaulted in converting Word documents that has the capability of converting more than one file at a go as well as merging them into a single file.
  • Access can be revoked to other users to prevent leaking of confidential or sensitive information.
  • Output yielded is flawless as everything is at the correct position after conversion.

Adobe PDF Converter

Adobe PDF converter_9

Adobe PDF to Word Converter has been that one PDF to Word converter that everyone in one point of his or her line of handling portable document formats has used it. This is because of the great establishment it has made on itself.

Over the past years it has been working alone as the only PDF to Word Converter that yields high quality formats after the conversion processes. It still reigns as the top converting tool and that can be attested to the huge number of usage around the globe where it is available.

Statistics about it this leading PDF to Word Converter speak for itself hence no need to emphasize much on it but rather check on the features it offers.

  • Looks of the converted files are well maintained more so for legal purposes by the help of the OCR.
  • Features an automatic spellcheck that ensures all your edited are correctly spelled with no grammatical error.
  • Paragraphs can be well rearranged and typos even corrected as well as major editing features such as rearranging texts and cropping of photos.
  • Allows changing of you PDF file graphic designs and texts in general as well.
  • It also converts PDF documents in over 140 other document formats including into the Microsoft Word.
  • Despite it not being available in a few countries, it supports other top languages aside from English such as Germany, French and Italy amongst many other languages.


There is no need to panic anymore because of editing of your PDF files and the need of converting them into other file formats such as Microsoft Word.

This is because out of the listed converting software listed above there is no way that there is not even a single programme that meets your needs. From the deductions I have drawn it is evident that no converter can be defined as the perfect PDF to Word Converter but it is not wrong to say that these are the appropriate converting tools you will ever lay your hands on.

There is no need to get disturbed on choosing a program that will deal with all your PDF conversion related needs because with the help of such a guideline and kind of information on converting documents you will have better things to worry about!

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