Top 10 Skype Call Recorder On Windows 7/10 That Works with Skype Version 8

Skype for business recorders are becoming more common with time. Professionals are using them to collaborate and conduct interviews. Students, on the other hand, are using them to record classes or PowerPoint presentations.

Finding the best Skype recorder for Windows, therefore, is crucial. It’s the only way of ensuring that you can capture both video and audio without any issues. Ensure that you save time and money.

The evaluation process can be hectic. There are both paid and free Windows recorders. Finding the best, therefore, won’t be the easiest process.

Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to conduct an evaluation and find the best. Below is a list of all the Skype recorders to consider. Enjoy.


1.     TalkHelper Skype Call Recorder


The design of any Skype recorder is crucial. To find the best, you’ll need to be able to use it easily. You don’t need a recorder that requires tons of applications for it to work.

TalkHelper is unique since it has a simple UI. One which indicates everything that you’re doing and ensures that you won.t waste any time. Besides, you can use TalkHelper in a business setting or even for personal needs.

Why choose TalkHelper? Well, the quality of video and audio calls is the best available. TalkHelper is amongst the only skype call recorder for Windows that allows you to have the best quality recordings.

Furthermore, automatic recording is an option with TalkHelper. Here, you’re able to set when it is that you’d like to begin recording. Therefore, you’ll never miss a call or a video recording even when you forget to begin the process.


2.     Pamela for Skype


First, Pamela is free. Unlike most skype recorders for Windows, Pamela allows you to take advantage of all the call recording features. Besides, there’s support for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

When following up with Skype chats, Pamela allows you to also record them. Therefore, when you’re editing a call, you can add the chats as some notes — thus ensuring that you can have all the viable data.

As a professional, when you’re away from your computer, Pamela can act as your automatic answering machine. You can set the recorder to commence once a call is initiated. Thus ensuring that you always hear what the other party has to say even when you’re away.

Scheduling calls is another reason for choosing Pamela. This will save you time and ensure that you don’t forget to make plans. Likewise, the reminders make it easier for you to remember any scheduled calls.


3.     MP3 Skype Recorder


MP3 recorder is ideal for both audio and video. With videos, you’re able to capture both picture in picture and side by side. Meaning that you can attain all the content that you might like.

For personal use, you’re able to enjoy the free version. With this, you have support for all versions of Skype. Besides, you have support for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

With the business version, there’s no much difference. Both versions support automatic recording. However, you’ll have to tinker with your PC and make some changes. After this, you’re able to integrate MP3 recorder with any Skype version.


4.     Amolto Call Recorder for Skype


Before you use any recorder, you need to set it up. Amolto has a simple wizard which makes it easier for you to integrate it with Skype. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste any time while setting it up.

After installation, you’re able to begin recording any calls immediately. The interface is simple to use. More so, after recording any calls, you’re able to review them to ensure you attained all the content.

Nevertheless, the recorder has pause and stop options. Likewise, since it integrates with your PC sound system, you can record both your headphones or speakers. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the audio being compromised.

Likewise, the quality of the audio calls is top notch. With Amolto, you’re able to ensure that nothing is left out. After every recording, you can replay t using any media player and even edit the audio.


5.     DVDVideoSoft Free Video Call Recorder for Skype


Some recorders require additional libraries to work. DVDVideoSoft, however, is unique; you don’t need to add any libraries or permissions. After installing, it’ll work flawlessly with Skype.

When recording video, DVDVideoSoft stores both the audio and video in separate files. This is the best ways through which you’ll avoid corruption of all the files. More so, having separate files makes it easier to review and edit them.

Nonetheless, besides having support for all Windows systems, you also can use DVDVideoSoft with any PC. That is, you don’t have to worry about your chipset being unable to support DVDVideoSoft. Any low processor will be capable of handling all the tasks of DVDVideoSoft.


6.     iFree Skype Recorder


Most free recorders will have a limitation that makes them unusable. Some might limit you to recording calls for only 5 minutes. With iFree however, this isn’t the case.

You get to enjoy unlimited recording. Besides, the calls get to be recorded in the highest quality available. Thus assuring that nothing is lost in translation.

Furthermore, iFree recorder has an automatic feature. After booting your PC, iFree automatically starts in case you want to record a skype call. Therefore, you needn’t worry about forgetting to press the record button.

Manual recording is also an option. After starting Skype, you’ll view a “ready for recording” option that keeps you notified on when to record. To commence the process, you have a large red button that’s hard to miss.


7.     Evaer Skype Recorder


Evaer is amongst the best recorders since you get to have some options. Besides the free trial, you have a standard version and a professional version. The difference between the latter is minimal.

Besides the price, the only thing you get to miss is video placement when recording. Furthermore, if you’d like to review videos when recording, the professional version might suit you best. As for the free trial, you’re limited to only five minutes of audio and video recording.

However, besides the different versions, you get to enjoy being able to save videos in separate files. One of the rationalizations for doing so is ensuring that everything is secure. More so, in case of file corruption, not all the files will be destroyed.


8.     Vodburner for Windows


Before using Vodburner, you need to make some configurations. One of the most crucial is when to start the recorder — starting the recorder when Windows boots is essential.

So doing saves you time and ensures that you have automatic recording whenever you receive or make a skype call. Likewise, if you don’t want the recorder to show up whenever you boot into Windows, you can choose to start it in the minimized format. Here, you only get to view it as a hidden icon.

Furthermore, to make call recording easier, you can opt to have Vodburner show the call window immediately a call starts. Therefore, when recording manually, you won’t have to worry about opening the recorder manually. All you need to do is click on the record button, and you’re good to go.


9.     CallNote for Skype


When looking for a unique Windows Skype recorder, you need to emphasize on automatic recording. This makes you more efficient. Likewise, when conducting a discussion, you’re able to focus more on the content.

CallNote allows you to not only record automatically but also capture any shared screens. Therefore, you’re able to manage all the available recordings. Likewise, you can save the recordings locally for later use. Taking snapshots is also an option when recording.

Nevertheless, multitasking is another reason for choosing CallNote. For group calls, you have the option for recording up to eight calls. To ensure that the audio isn’t compromised, it’s saved in different files.


10. Supertintin Skype Recorder


To ensure you don’t make a mistake when recording, Supertintin lists all the webcams available and the audio streams. Therefore, you’re able to choose what it is that you’d like to record. Likewise, recording is as simple as recording the large red button.

Likewise, to ascertain that all recordings are saved properly, you can choose the output folder. Here, you can configure which folder to save all the recordings — thus making it easier for you to review the recordings all at once.

For video, you can choose it depending on the available displays. When there’s a webcam, you can click on the video option and choose which webcam to record. The same case applies to the audio.

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